January 18, 2021

Quality studies at CEA Cadarache for the RJH project

Quality studies at the CEA Cadarache research center for the RJH project

Quality studies at CEA Cadarache

Seres Technologies has been asked to work in partnership on quality study missions at the CEA in Cadarache.

The nuclear research reactor Jules Horowitz is under construction on the Cadarache center. It is mainly devoted to research on materials and fuels for the nuclear power industry and nuclear medicine. The first works started in 2007. Named after a great French physicist of the twentieth century, it is part of a program to develop research in the nuclear sector on a European scale.

The role of our Project Quality Manager within the RJH on the Reactor Block, Primary Circuits and Controls Project consists, among other things, of

  • Ensure the necessary support for batch managers on quality issues
  • Organize and carry out quality monitoring visits to companies and follow up on action plans.
  • Participate in external audits, ASN inspections and related actions.
  • Ensure with the batch managers that the process of handling non-conformities is respected.
  • Participate in the resolution of quality problems with companies
  • Verify the specific monitoring plans drawn up by the batch managers and ensure their proper implementation.
  • Participate in the analysis/acceptance of the quality documents issued by the companies during the course of the contract, and of the completed works files.
  • Participate in monthly contract meetings with companies and monthly Quality meetings or in connection with the quality issues of its scope or transversal to the project.
  • Participate in the drafting and follow-up of customer complaints issued to companies.

Feedback from the chamber:

Most recently, we successfully installed a complex, innovative component (classified as an important safety element) in the Jules Horowitz reactor's battery block at the bottom of the reactor pool. This was a very delicate operation that took place over several days and marked the culmination of almost ten years' work for the teams. No less than 2.4 tons of aluminum, zirconium and stainless steel, each five meters high, were lifted and then precisely positioned on the "Water Box" at the bottom of the pool.

The testimony of our consultant in charge of the project:

"I started my mission during the first containment. I was able to work remotely to learn the key procedures governing the Quality Management specifications and the inherent decrees such as the INB 2012 (Basic Nuclear Installation), the code RCCMX (Nuclear Pressure Equipment), ESPN (Nuclear Pressure Equipment) regulations, etc.
My integration on site allowed me to put the fundamentals into practice and to receive in return rich exchanges both on a relational and technical level with the diversity of the professions. It's a promising experience because this project is innovative and very exciting."

By Seres Technologies

By Seres Technologies

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