On the strength of the knowledge and technical skills acquired during our interventions, we have decided to invest in research and development by involving our employees in cutting-edge subjects related to our core business activities.

"« […] Hurry up slowly, and without losing courage,
Twenty times on the job put your work back,
Polish it over and over again, and repolish it,
Add sometimes, and often erase. "(Boileau,
Poetic Art)

Inspired by this wisdom, our R&D Department allows our talents to take some time today to build our strengths for tomorrow. Thus, we invest a significant part of our expenditure (€1 million in 2020) to explore the subjects that will become our clients' priorities, and thus anticipate their needs.

The different research activities

safety and new mobility

The major challenge for the automotive, rail and aeronautics industries.

The digital transformation 

What contributions can be made to optimize maintenance activities?


A usage laboratory in the heart of the Phocaean city.