17 December 2020

Safety studies of an airship balloon

The LCA60T is a dirigible balloon developed by the company FLYING WHALES.

This solution consists of lifting and transporting heavy and/or voluminous loads in places that are difficult to access, while minimising the footprint on the ground since no transport infrastructure will be required (roads, bridges, etc.). This airship will be powered by a hybrid propulsion system that will greatly reduce C02 emissions during operation.

Seres Technologies is assisting FLYING WHALES on Safety Analysis of the LCA60T systems.

The purpose of the Safety Analysis is to ensure that the design of system architectures is safe and reliable, meets the design requirements of the LCA60T and complies with the requirements imposed by the applicable aeronautical standards such as ARP4761 and ARP4754A.

Seres therefore supports FLYING WHALES by acting as the privileged interface on operational safety issues with various partners.

By Seres Technologies

By Seres Technologies

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