February 25, 2020

The VIE experience at Seres Technologies : The appearance of Seres Technologies in Belgium

"I like the fact that I started from scratch to establish Seres Technologies in Belgium"

Testimony of Anatole Ansar, our VIE Business Manager in Brussels!

"First and foremost, the ECA company from Groupe Gorgé has been awarded a €450 million contract by the Belgian and Dutch navies as part of the North Sea mine warfare project. It is in this context that Seres Technologies chose to set up in Belgium with the aim of meeting ECA's local needs in the Seres business and developing these businesses more widely in the industrial sectors with high constraints in the Benelux area.

First of all, my VIE experience at Seres Technologies started in Lyon with the SDF (Safety of Functioning) team who trained me on their jobs. During the 4 days I spent with them, they presented the SDF, the standards specific to each sector and I participated in a meeting with customers. To conclude my week of training, I went to the head office to meet the Marseilles teams and the other division managers who presented their work to me as well as the opportunities they see in Belgium.

And it is on Monday September 9th that my mission starts in Belgium in the premises of the CCI France-Belgium at 8 avenue des Arts in Brussels. Moreover, we are 7 VIEs working in the same premises for our respective companies in a friendly atmosphere.

So, after having identified the prospects with the help of my colleagues in France, I embarked on a broad contact phase. The targeted companies belong to the aeronautics, railway, public transport and energy sectors. Every Monday, we meet with the team in Lyon and Amina (on a VIE in Canada). The 11 client meetings I have had have allowed me to add a relational dimension to my work and to identify needs. And to answer them I organized interviews with candidates and we found an agreement with one of them. He will surely become the first employee of the SERES BENELUX subsidiary.

Anatole Ansar's VIE experience at Seres Technologies in Belgium
Anatole Ansar - VIE Business Manager in Brussels

As far as my personal feelings are concerned, I like the fact that I started from scratch to set up Seres Technologies in Belgium and the versatility that this entails (prospecting, HR, representation, administration, etc.). 

Client meetings and HR interviews are my favourite part of the job, as the interpersonal dimension of my work is a source of motivation for me. 


By Seres Technologies

By Seres Technologies

Engineering at the heart of the human being

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