February 3, 2021

Seres Technologies, an expert in the Safety of embedded systems, shares its knowledge online!

Embedded Systems Security Webinar

Expert in the security of embedded systems

Seres Technologies are experts in the security of embedded systems. That's why the company decided to share its knowledge with 30 participants during a videoconference. 

On February 2, 2021, a Webinar was held by Seres Technologies on the theme of the security of embedded systems, and especially, "How to guarantee the control of risks at an acceptable level? This Webinar was organized by the Vehicle of the Future Cluster. The objective of this videoconference was to present our current company but also to present the theme of the security of embedded systems in the context of future mobilities.

First of all, Mr. Bruno Grandjean, General Manager of the Pôle Véhicule du Futur presented his competitiveness cluster. This cluster organizes the skills of its territory and its missions around solutions for vehicles and mobility of the future in the Grand Est.

Afterwards, Julien Rullier, our expert in ISO 26262 spoke about the security of embedded systems in relation to new mobilities and the issues that arise from them. Following this presentation, we were able to discuss and answer questions asked by the 30 participants of the Webinar.

This conference was a success, both in the organization and in the choice of its representatives. We hope to see you all soon during a new webinar or seminar with our experts!

Since the health situation has evolved, we had to find solutions to continue to share our knowledge while respecting the barrier gestures. Therefore, the Webinar seemed to be the best alternative to physical conferences. We can therefore gather up to 100 people in videoconference and also solicit the help of experts from all over France and abroad to exchange on common issues and keep a link and develop our activities.

By Seres Technologies

By Seres Technologies

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