September 23, 2020

A new partnership for Seres Technologies!

New partnership for Seres Technologies

Partnership for Seres Technologies

Seres Technologies is proud to announce that on September 1st we signed a partnership in the creation of a grouping with the companies Gonzales and FCI Energie.

We have individually realized that our clients lacked service providers who could provide a global response to turnkey projects. Today, many of our clients call on large engineering services companies. The latter are often led to subcontract their workforce themselves. In fact, they lose the technical control.

This is why, with Gonzales and FCI Energie, we decided to join forces to meet the growing needs and problems of our clients. That is to say, to have one and the same interlocutor in the management of their strategic projects without losing the technical control, without subcontracting.

Seres Technologies has a recognized expertise in the realization of studies and engineering in safety, ergonomics and mechanics. Gonzales answers more to the need of realization, manufacturing of mechanical machines, robotization etc.. Finally, FCI Energie is our expert in solution integration.

Together and with our total workforce of nearly 600 employees, we can now develop turnkey offers in many sectors such as the nuclear industry, transportation and pharmaceuticals. We aim to become the preferred partner of companies such as Orano DS, TechnicAtome, CEA, General Electric, GSK, Sanofi, etc.

Our vision, our commitment, is to develop this partnership in a sustainable way to propose offers from the study to the realization and in close collaboration with our customers.

By Seres Technologies

By Seres Technologies

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