Hydrogen, a chemical element at the origin of a better future?

For many years, Seres Technologies has been involved in the fight against global warming and has been supporting numerous clients in the energy transition. Working in close collaboration with pioneering companies and leaders in the automotive and railway sectors, our engineers are working on a multitude of projects that are part of a global approach to pollution control. [...]

Quality studies at CEA Cadarache for the RJH project

Quality studies at CEA Cadarache

Quality studies at the CEA Cadarache research center for the RJH project Seres Technologies has been asked to work in partnership with the CEA on Project Quality missions. The Jules Horowitz nuclear research reactor is currently under construction at the Cadarache center. It is mainly dedicated to research on materials and materials science.

Safety studies of an airship balloon

The LCA60T is a dirigible balloon developed by the company FLYING WHALES. This solution consists in lifting and transporting heavy and/or bulky loads in places that are difficult to access, while minimizing the footprint on the ground since no transport infrastructure will be necessary (roads, bridges...). This dirigible balloon will be powered by a hybrid propulsion system, which will greatly reduce emissions [...]

Our FOH activities at CEA Marcoule

The Basic Nuclear Installation (INB) n°71, called the "Phenix reactor", is a prototype nuclear power plant of the sodium-cooled Fast Neutron Reactor (FNR) type, with an electrical power of 250 MWe. Phénix reactor What is the Phénix reactor? [...]

What is Neopolia?


Neopolia : What is it ? The new business network to which Seres Technologies adheres! Neopolia is a network of companies in the Pays de la Loire region, created and animated by entrepreneurs in order to federate and accompany its members so that they work together on common business issues and allow the development of the industrial sectors of the region [...]

Medical devices, a high-potential sector for Seres Technologies!

Medical devices

Medical devices First of all, when we talk about medical devices we mean "any instrument, apparatus, equipment, material, product, except products of human origin, or other article used alone or in combination, including accessories and software necessary for its proper functioning, intended by the manufacturer for use in humans [...]

A new partnership for Seres Technologies!

New partnership for Seres Technologies

Partnership for Seres Technologies Seres Technologies is proud to announce that on September 1st we signed a partnership in the framework of the creation of a group with the companies Gonzales and FCI Energie. We have individually realized that our customers lacked service providers who could provide a global response to turnkey projects. [...]

The VIE experience at Seres Technologies

The VIE experience at Seres Technologies : The emergence of Seres Technologies in Belgium " I like the fact that I started from scratch to establish Seres Technologies in Belgium " Testimony of Anatole Ansar our VIE Business Manager in Brussels! "First of all, ECA, a Groupe Gorgé company, won a €450M contract with the Belgian marines [...]